How to increase your home’s value with backyard renovations

As a homeowner, one of the concerns you might have is trying to increase your property value. Your backyard is an area that is easy to overlook, but there are many changes you can make here that can significantly benefit the value of your property.  So here are some ideas on how to increase your home’s value with backyard renovations.

Plant trees or shrubbery

How to increase your home's value with backyard renovationsMany homebuyers look for a well-landscaped yard. Adding trees and shrubbery can help this. You can also opt to add some low maintenance gardens around the yard to add some color and more appeal to the space.

Add lawn edging

Lawn edging can give a finished look to the grass. It shows that you are taking care of the landscaping, which potential buyers will appreciate. Some tend to think that if you take meticulous care of the lawn, you cared for the home in the same manner.

Update the windows

Updating the windows can improve the appeal of the backyard, and it will also increase the beauty of the rooms in which they are located. You can choose from several window types that have different benefits. Think about what they will look like from both sides so that you can make an appropriate decision about which windows to choose.

More ideas on how to increase your home’s value with backyard renovations

Increase the lighting

Adding lighting improves the appearance of the backyard. Not only does this help with the curb appeal, but it sets the space as an outdoor entertaining area. This adds instant value to people who want to enjoy the outdoors. It can also benefit families who allow children to play in the yard in the evenings.

Improve drainage

Nobody wants a yard that floods a lot. You can improve the yard drainage so you can use it as a selling point. Don’t limit your efforts to just the grass area. You can also use permeable paving for driveways and other surfaces so that water won’t pool on those.

Install a patio or deck

A terrace or deck adds instant appeal to a yard. Determining which one is right depends on what your goals are for the area. Typically, if you have a home with raised doors, such as one with a slightly above-grade first floor, you will need a deck. If you are creating an outdoor living space away from the home or against a grade level door, you can use a patio. Using a deck calculator lets you know how much decking material you need for your project.

Add a privacy fence

A privacy fence is an excellent addition to a backyard. As they say, fences make for great neighbors so it’s a great answer to how to increase your home’s value with backyard renovations.  You can choose a material that fits in with the look of the outdoor space. The two most common materials are wood and vinyl. Typically, vinyl is more durable than wood, but it is also the more costly option.How to increase your home's value with backyard renovations

Introduce a fire feature or a water feature

You can put a fire feature into the backyard space. These give you a chance to enjoy a beverage and a beautiful scene in peace at your home. Place it on top of permeable paving so you can relax in comfy outdoor furniture even after it rains. Remember that you must ensure you meet local codes for this if the feature is permanent, and you must put safety first. Potential homebuyers will usually appreciate the added value that this brings to the home.

Another answer to “How to increase your home’s value with backyard renovations” … Invest in an outdoor kitchen

You can create an outdoor kitchen. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a porch ceiling on top of where you will place the kitchen. You can then add the appliances and features that you want. One popular option now is the pizza oven. Consider the functionality of the entire backyard area to help you determine exactly what you need to add to the kitchen area.

Ultimately, the backyard area of your home should be an oasis that is made for relaxing or entertaining. These upgrades all help you to show buyers the true value of the space.   Here are some other resources for seller tips to maximize your home’s sale price

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