How to get the latest Palos Verdes home listings faster than anywhere else with the most reliable data feed? Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all use streams as a way of viewing data. Cloud Streams put photos front and center, to give you a window shopping experience you will love. Listing alerts sent from the MLS are boring. Cloud Streams’ MLS listing alerts include property photos, agent branding and descriptive subject lines. At a glance you, whether you’re a buyer looking to own a home or a seller looking to keep tabs on what might be your competition, you can make decisions without having to click anywhere else. When you are the first to know when new or updated listings hit the market, you win. To get started, enter your email just below the 2nd image titled “What Listing Tool Is The Fastest”

how to get the latest Palos Verdes home listings

How to get the latest Palos Verdes Home listings

Cloud Streams “real-time” listing alerts are faster than the MLS. How? It’s technical. Essentially, we’re streaming listing data from the MLS and when something changes, Cloud Streams immediately sends an alert (via email or text) to your client. Don’t believe us? Try it for free. Cloud Streams works beautifully on laptops, phones, and tablets. You will get an amazing experience. And what’s even better, when you combine this service with my proprietary Market Snapshots and Real Estate Trend charts, you will as good if not better information than any real estate agent in the field today. Get power, get control and win!

how to get the latest palos verdes home listings


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