Please play this video to learn tips on how to change your home value on Homebot. It’s actually very simple and it will take you just a few seconds.

The problem with computer algorithm, automated value models (AVMs) is that computers can not nuance variations in

  • view,
  • condition of property,
  • micro-location within a community,
  • and/or lot utility.

How good is your view, how remodeled is your property, are you on a busy corner, is your lot flat or on a hill, does your ocean view home enjoy the view out the front or the back of the home?

These are all factors that can not be handled by a computer model. HOWEVER, you can adjust the conclusion reached by your HomeBot report by following the steps in this short video.

Meanwhile, don’t let the “big box” public portals like zillow and realtor dot com “steal” your personal contact information then sell it to multiple agents and advertisers. As an example, zillow had revenues of about 1billion dollars selling your data.

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