How to Add More Value to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is an inseparable part of your house; it has a great impact on the overall impression of your living space because it is an extension of it so here’s how to add more value to your outdoor space

The moment you decide you will sell or rent the house at some point, the outdoor space should be one of your main focuses when it comes to improvements and novelties. Wisely chosen actions will add value to the outdoor space, and by that to your whole to add value to your outdoor space

1. Revive the exterior

The facade of your house is one of the most obvious things of the exterior, so consider refreshing it up. It could take some time but it’s actually quite affordable and its impact on the curb appeal is huge. In case you belong to a homeowners’ association, consult them about the rules and then don’t rush the process of deciding which colors to use for siding and trim, as they should complement the landscape. A fresh layer of paint takes years from a house and makes it more appealing to buyers.

If your home is painted stucco or wood, consider applying pressure washing first to remove debris and dirt and to prevent mold from developing. In case the exterior is of rock, brick or natural stone, then you should pressure wash and paint just the eaves.

2. Add a shed for storage space

There’s never enough storage in a household, wouldn’t you agree? A new shed inside the backyard will serve as a place for a new hobby or as storage for things from the garage cleaning.

Sheds come in various styles and budgets, meaning you can perfectly fit it into your home without disturbing the appeal of the backyard. And remember – any additional storage means added value to the property.

3. Outdoor kitchen

This is the perfect outdoor area for gatherings and entertainment. You will be able to organize barbecues and elegant dinner evenings without ever needing to rush inside the house to open the fridge or use the oven. You can chat and mingle with your guests while preparing a meal.

Outdoor kitchens are proven to motivate homeowners to spend more time outside in their backyards. You can make it as luxurious and practical as you wish, adding counter space, major appliances, as well as the dining area. In other words, you could add any type of an outdoor room you like.

4. Build a patio or a deck

A full deck or a patio is one of the larger projects you could do outside. If it’s well-constructed, it will add to the appeal of the outdoor space and give it more usable space for entertaining the guests, which is highly appreciated by buyers.

The key factor is to plan it carefully and use high-quality building materials. An excellent option is a pressure-treated wood if you’re planning to build a deck. If you live in a harsh climate, then consider using long-lasting fiber cement or other material that’s able to withstand freezing temperatures or intense sun. A full deck could cost you around $10,000 but it adds more value to your home. A patio could cost you a bit less, but you’ll have to spend the same amount of time on measuring and setting the pavers properly.

5. Upgrade windows and doors

Sure, the upgrades like a deck or a patio add value to the exterior but so do the windows and exterior doors of your home, as they add to the curb and exterior appeal. Not to mention the fact they add to to the value of the house due to energy-efficiency they provide if you stick to high-quality solutions.

For example, double-paned windows keep the harmful sun rays away and they don’t allow any warmth to leak out of your home. The larger they are, the better the effect they will have on the exterior, as well on the interior. In case you built a deck on the side of your home, connect the interior and exterior with practical retractable fly screens. They allow fresh air into the house without letting insects and bugs in while allowing you to quickly go inside in case you need to bring something to your guests.

6. Build a swimming pool

Although quite expensive (usually more than $20,000 + regular maintenance throughout the year), a swimming pool is an amazing installation in the outdoor space. Bear in mind that a swimming pool doesn’t add as much value as some of the options listed here. Some buyers may even cross your home of the list when they realize how much they have to spend on an annual basis for maintenance.

Still, it’s possible to get a good ROI from building a swimming pool. Add appropriate lighting and decorative features around it to create a personal oasis. When they see how perfectly you tucked in the swimming pool and created a relaxation area, some buyers could easily forget about the accompanying costs.

7. Update the landscape

In the spring and summertime, landscaping plays an essential role in adding to the appeal of the interior. Proper landscaping could easily seal the deal. In case your current landscaping is overgrown, outdated or just in need of a revival, consider modern landscaping. There are numerous perennials, shrubs, blooming annuals, mulch and pavers you could use as comprising elements of your landscape. If you mix it creatively, the colors and textures will please the eyes of the buyers.

In case you want something simpler and you’re starting from scratch, you can steal some ideas from gardens in your neighborhoods, taking notes of schemes or plants you like most. After you get a few ideas, visit the local nursery where an expert can help you develop a plan. In case you have a tight budget, this approach will help you get a lot with minimal investment. In case you’re working with a big budget, then, by all means, hire a professional landscaper to create a customized scheme for you.

8. Replace house numbers and front door hardware

Adding house numbers and changing front door hardware can add to the curb appeal. At least a fresh coat of paint on the front door can seem warm and welcoming. Alternatively, you can accent it with nickel door or brass hardware. A new door knocker, a doorbell, and a lighting fixture will complete the look of the entrance.

9. Install eco-friendly features

Modern times brought awareness of our impact on the environment as human beings. Therefore, many buyers want to be eco-responsible homeowners, meaning they appreciate eco-friendly features in a household, including the outdoor space.

Consider upgrading the outdoor space by adding a green roof with vegetation and a drainage system that captures rainwater that can be used for watering the landscape. Solar panels can provide power for the landscape lighting at least, or even for some household appliances. Reclaimed materials on the exterior of the house can also be very well received by the buyers.

10. Light the exterior

Exterior lighting can add a lot of value to the property. It can improve the aesthetics, as well as the safety and security of your home. Nighttime curb appeal will be much more pronounced with strategically placed outdoor lighting, ensuring your guests see the way clearly while keeping the intruders at bay. You can opt for architectural lighting to highlight the architectural features of the exterior while landscape lighting will shed light on the walkways and surrounding grounds.

11. Curb appeal

Curb appeal impacts the way your property looks at first glance. That’s what creates the first impression, helping the buyers decide whether they want to see what’s inside the house. If the curb appeal is unsatisfying, many buyers could easily choose to move on without exploring the property further.

Luckily, curb appeal can be easily improved in just a day or two. Trim the shrubs, grass, and plants around the entryway or even consider adding a porch. Clean out the dirty gutters, replace the missing shingles – people also notice the roof when they approach a house. Make sure the entrance is inviting and neat.

12. A shaded area

You can add value to your backyard by creating private space, protected from the sun and precipitation. A simple pergola or gazebo somewhere in a flat area of the backyard can make a huge difference to the overall impression. Place it wisely, so that it’s easy to approach and doesn’t close the space. It should also have enough room for friends to visit, and some storage space in it will be of use, too. For a more advanced version, consider building a sunroom if you have the budget for it.

Final words

Adding value to the outdoor space can pay off greatly in terms of adding value to the whole property. Carefully chosen actions can bring a lot more money than you have initially invested. Don’t rush your decision – stick two or three improvements that would bring you most benefit, and later you can consider doing more improvements.


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Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.



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