The answer to the question “How is the Palos Verdes Homes Market over $5,000,000” is the same answer it is for any market.  At least the method to approach the answer is the same …

We need to understand the effect of the economics for SUPPLY and DEMAND and in this case we are going to measure, OBJECTIVELY, the number of months of unsold inventory.

The bigger the number, the more it is a buyer’s market and the less it is a seller’s market and true it is for the opposite; the smaller the number …

And what’s more important than the “static” number of “today”, is the trend.  Do we see higher highs and higher lows which would mean the market is trending toward a slowdown (hence pricing for a seller becomes even more critical) or do we see lower lows and lower highs (meaning a seller, if they have time to test the market, can “push the envelope” of pricing).  Scroll below chart to watch video on what I study.

Palos Verdes Homes Market Over $5,000,000


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Palos Verdes Homes Market over $5,000,000 Palos Verdes Homes Market over $5,000,000

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Palos Verdes Homes Market over $5,000,000



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