How Cutting Edge Tech Increases The Value Of Your Home

When it comes to real estate, convenience has always been a big seller. Home automation and other smart features are great, no one can argue with that.  How Cutting Edge Tech Increases The Value Of Your Home …
by Kevin Jefferson

There’s no doubt that smart homes are becoming increasingly popular with all demographics. Younger homeowners love the ease of living that such homes offer and older folks value the security features.

By 2022, the smart home tech industry will reach a value of more than $53 billion. But, does cutting edge tech boost the value of your home? According to some sources, smart features can increase the value of a house by 5%. Let’s see what the reasons behind this are.

Cost Savings

Homes that feature high-tech solutions are usually more money smart. On average, a smart thermostat can save you 15% on cooling and 10% to 12% on heating. That translates to up to $145 per year in savings, based on typical energy costs.

Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature according to how many people there are in a room. A smart thermostat also allows you to make adjustments remotely via your smartphone.

Such devices are fairly inexpensive and they will pay for themselves sooner or later. They are just one of many cost-saving high tech features. You can also get a smart laundry machine, dishwasher, lighting, and other amenities.

While it’s true that these appliances are pricier, they can save you a lot of money down the road. They do a much better job of conserving water and heat than units without smart features.

Cutting-Edge Tech Saves Time

We all know that time is money, and many high tech devices and appliances are specifically designed to save time. Moreover, most of us like it when we don’t have to lift a finger to get something done.

Not so long ago, features that allow us to save time and effort could only be seen on the Jetsons. Today, they are actually within reach.

For instance, instead of walking to the other end of the room to switch off the lights, you can get a smart assistant such as Google Home and ask it to do it for you. Aside from helping you save time, virtual assistants like these are one of the fastest and best ways you can turn your home into a smart home.

Assistants like these may not be able to clean your home or carry out home repairs, but they can help you put together your shopping list, tell you the weather forecast, and even provide instructions when you want to try out a new recipe.

These tasks may not seem like much individually, true, but they quickly add up. There are many smart devices and appliances that can function as virtual assistants independently of smart home hubs.

For instance, a smart refrigerator can detect when you are running out of milk and add that to your shopping list. Most homeowners greatly appreciate these features. In fact, 61% of home buyers are willing to spend more to get a home with a smart technology package.

Smart Homes are Safer

Improved security is the biggest reason home buyers opt for smart home products. The most obvious cutting edge tech devices for home security are smart CCTV cameras and motion detectors.

Aside from detecting break-ins and helping prevent burglaries, high tech security features like these offer a variety of other uses. They can assess risks, monitor moisture levels (if you are concerned about floods or leaks), and be on the lookout for threats like fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

Smart locks are another useful cutting edge invention. Since homeowners can lock and unlock them from afar by using a smartphone, they never have to worry about losing their keys or having to hire a pricey locksmith.

When you are buying or selling a house, improved security is obviously a great bonus. And what is really great about these home features is the fact that they aren’t as expensive as one might think. Among renovating homeowners who opt to install smart home features, 76% spend $1,500 or less on smart home security devices.

High-Tech Homes Sell Faster

As seen in a report by CNET, 81% of home buyers are more likely to buy a house if it already has smart features. To make homes for sale more attractive, some realtors have created “smart home staging kits.”

Real estate companies see value in “smartening” up houses. And, considering that most home buyers are looking for property that is move-in ready, it was just a matter of time when such kits would pop up.

When you are showcasing your house to potential buyers, you can have your automated smart features go off without a hitch. Smart shading, lighting, and climate controls are features that are sure to impress potential buyers.


Thanks to recent technological advancements, smart home features are no longer just a dream. Cutting edge smart home features deliver great ROI because they lower energy costs, offer convenience, improve security, save time, and give homeowners peace of mind. Some cutting edge home solutions are more expensive than others, but most of them are incredibly cost-efficient.


Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on PlainHelp.

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