If you’ve found yourself asking the question, whats my home worth …. here are FOUR quick computer pricing models that you can use right now, instantly and for free to get the value of any of the Palos Verdes homes or Beach Cities homes.  Don’t be this guy over here —–>

There are THREE ways to find out what your property’s value is as defined by the market and in order of accuracy, they are:

  1. actually getting your home on the market competing against other sellers for the finite number of buyers in the market place today is really the best way to get the answer to the whats my home worth question, but obviously you want to get a better idea before diving right in so then the next best step is to…
  2. instructing me to personally inspect your home with you, taking accurate notes and developing a competitive market value audit that we together can collaborate, and reach conclusions as to the price it will take to create value in the minds of buyers today so that they bid on your property instead of your property’s competition
  3. using whats my home worth computer algorithms to get a wide range bracket array with the caveat being that you and I both understand and accept that a computer can’t nuance very well the variations in view, lot utility, condition, and micro-location variables … PLAY VIDEO!
  4. as a BONUS, make sure to study this page “Don’t Let Your Property’s Value Decrease” as it has some great tips to preserve the value of your home!

Whats My Home Worth Tools


South Bay Home Value Estimate for insights you will not see ANYWHERE else

Super simple and fast computer model

CoreFact, the ONLY interactive tool YOU CONTROL!

With A.I. and Big Data utilities, use this tool to find out how many buyers are searching for a home matching your home’s characteristics*

*Let’s pause here a second… Since I have the [exclusive to the South Bay] to determine how many Buyers are searching for a home like yours, do you think the logical extension of that is that I know who those buyers are?  [Hint: the answer is Yes]  And imagine how much more your property would sell for being able to target these buyers and create enhanced demand for your home.  How many tens and tens of thousands of dollars would you lose not having this work for you

While the “whats my home worth” tools here presented for the Palos Verdes Home Values Online are useful, remember, no computer can nuance differences in views, condition, lot utility and/or micro location variables. To accurately determine what a buyer in today’s market will pay for your home, you should have a professional and experienced real estate broker, like me, visit your home, take notes, study, compare and contrast your home versus sold, pending and active competition. However, short of that, using at least three computer algorithms will help you bracket and have a checks and balances system for your home’s market value. https://www.bestpalosverdeshomes.com/home-worth/video-overview-of-the-tools/ Accessing the tools is easy, just go to the website, hover your mouse over the “What’s My Home Worth” tab and get started

Thank you for your inquiry on one of my portals! While there’s only one way really to find out “exactly” what your home is “worth”… getting your home on the market, professionally and aggressively marketed and then study the offers… short of that you can always use computer models.

whats my home worthThey’re valuable as a resource although they have their problems too. As a customer service to folks, I like to offer three algorithms so that you can imageuse each as a “checks and balance” on the other that you can get values from INSTANTLY! I have another two that are proprietary that should you wish, I can email to you (no cost) upon your request; just reply to this email and I will get them to you.

Now, depending on how you found one of my sites, you may be receiving three or four follow up emails from me today. Don’t worry, if you do, this will be the only day ever that will happen. I’m very sensitive to email overload and the information I have to share really will help you become a more powerful seller, buyer and/or owner of real estate.

If all three algorithms, each using different modeling, come up with numbers that are pretty close to one another, there’s a degree of validity in the conclusion (still nothing to replace what an experienced and professional broker can provide, but better than throwing darts at a dart board!)

If the algorithms are widely varied, then that’s another story.

Let me help you get started in your independent research for the whats my home worth question by directing you to my webpage. When you’re at the home screen, hover your mouse over the tab as shown here then choose the computer models one by one. When you’re ready, give me a call and we can make an appointment for me to study your home, perform a market value audit and bracket in a reliable number that you can count on as an estimate for what a buyer today will pay for your home

So now that you’ve gotten some checks and balance reports on the whats my home worth question, what about some Seller Tips that will help you maximize your interests to make the sale of your home more efficient, less stressful and for the maximum market value to put more money in your pocket.  Take a look at these seller tips and this set of seller tips too

Maybe you’re not quite ready to sell but you’re at the point where you want to monitor market changes as competitive homes sell in your neighborhood.  Here’s an easy way to get monthly updates on home values in your area  For specific focused reports on the Multiple Listing Service area within which your home resides, use this free report system




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Click picture below (from your mobile device) to get one of the best if not THE best app I’ve found to search for homes. Check out the “radar” function called “Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it

Click picture (from your mobile device) to get one of the best if not THE best app I’ve found to search for homes. Check out the “radar” function called “Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it






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