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Market Snapshot Makes you a more Powerful Real Estate Owner, Buyer and/or Investor of Palos Verdes homes or any other South Bay real estate

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A Market Snapshot is a real-time MLS Palos Verdes homes market update and trend analysis overview. It provides the most current sold data, active listings, inventory, and days on market counts – information that is unavailable on any other similar website. This information is sent automatically to you: when you request information on the value of your property, Market Snapshot emails you a one-click link to the Market Snapshot. At the bottom of this article you will find the link to order your own personalized report. At the BOTTOM OF THIS WEB SITE is the link to obtain your free Palos Verdes homes (or any home in Southern California) PROPRIETARY MarketSnapshot

In addition, it gives you up-to-the-minute MLS graphical information.

You can position yourself as the most knowledgeable real estate owner or buyer and someone who may even know more than most agents and who can interpret local market trends.

Comparing Market Snapshot to Other Services for Palos Verdes homes

Other market-evaluation services provide generalized evaluations of average Palos Verdes homes. This is only one of the many pieces of information you need to make good decisions. Market Snapshot improves on this by including additional key information, such as:

  • graphical analysis of important market trends
  • volume comparisons of recent sales and new listings
  • percentage comparisons of asking price to selling price for recent sales, and
  • average, median, and high/low prices for homes that have recently sold or that are currently for sale

The information contained in every Palos Verdes homes Market Snapshot is organized into sections, making it easy to understand. For more information, please continue reading.

Main Components of a Market Snapshot
Once a Market Snapshot has been generated for you, an email will be sent with a link to the Market Snapshot. Below is a sample of a Market Snapshot. We can use this to review the main components of a Market Snapshot. (Video below on how to use)image



Market Information Graphs

palos verdes homes imageimage image

Note the graph displaying selected market data. There are 4 categories of information displayed in a graphical format:

  • Asking and Sold Prices
  • Asking vs. Selling Price
  • Time on Market
  • Number of Homes

Please continue reading below the video to learn more about these charts. To view a particular graph, just click on the Expand option or on one of the title tabs. And each of the graphs can be further expanded to view greater detail

Next Scheduled Market Snapshot Update


This appears below the graph. From this area you can:

  • Click the drop-down list to view other reports that may have been sent to you
  • Click the Edit Schedule link to change the frequency of updates sent to you.
  • You can alter the frequency to 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Choosing Never from the drop-down list will cancel the Market Snapshot.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the frequency update. Click Update to save and accept frequency update changes.

Map and Property Information
The Map and Property Information section is displayed along the left. This section displays the relevant properties on a map as well as in a table format.

Map and Property Information
The Palos Verdes homes Market Snapshot report displays a map of the your home with a few of the closest similar properties for sale or recently sold in the area. Beneath the map are the listings matching the properties on the map. If the below video link does not display on your smartphone device, then click this link: Real Estate Transaction Report for Palos Verdes and All Neighborhoods of Southern California


and Sold Prices Tab
The Asking and Sold Prices tab displays graphs and tables that chart trends
in housing prices.
Asking Prices and Sold Prices Graph

The top graph is Asking Prices and Sold Prices, or in other words, a Price Trend chart. This gives you a general idea
of whether prices are rising, falling or staying stable for similar properties in his or her area, and what are the extremes in the price

You can easily see when expensive homes come on and go off the market.

The red dots on the graph represent sold properties and indicate what price the property sold for.

If you select a sold property on the map or in the listing under the map, a red pin will be displayed on the chart to indicate the red dot that is for that property. If you select an active property, a blue line will appear to show the listing price of the property.

Summary Tables

Below the graph are summary tables to describe the recently sold homes as well as those still on the market. The For Sale number represents the listings active on the day the report was generated.

You will notice on the summary tables a line indicating Avg/Median values. Average and Median are ways to judge the center value of a number of different values. Average is determined by adding up all the values and dividing by the number of values. Median is when all the values are sorted and the middle one is chosen. In other words, if these are your values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the median is the middle number 4. The average is ((1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7) / 7) or 4. Why have two ways to measure the same number? In this example, the median and average are the same because the numbers are around the same value. But if we have an extreme value (like a very expensive home) added to the numbers, the median and average become very different. For example, if the values are 2, 2, 2, 2, and 100, the average is (108 / 5) or 21.6 but the median is 2. For a truly “average” property, the median is a better number to look at.

vs. Selling Price Tab
Asking Price vs. Selling Price Chart

This chart shows the difference between the listing price and the selling price so the consumer can see if it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market for Palos Verdes homes (or whatever market area you are studying within the Southern California real estate market)

This also has a table below to describe the asking and selling price relationship of all the sold properties during the time.

Now that you understand what information is contained on the Asking vs. Selling Pricesection, you can take a look at the Time on Market section.

on Market Tab


The Time on Market tab displays graphs and tables that chart how long properties are taking to sell.
Time on Market: For Sale & Recently Sold Graph

The top graph of this section gives an idea of how fast the market is moving. The blue lines are the extremes in days on market. The green is the average and the red dots represent sold properties.

When a property that has been on the market for a long time finally sells, the top blue line will drop closer to the average. If a sold property from the map or list is selected, a pin will appear to show which red dot represents it, as well as showing how many days it took to sell. If there are continually new properties coming on the market, the bottom blue line will stay close to 1.

Summary Tables

Below the graph are summary tables to describe the recently sold homes as well as those still on the market. The For Sale row displays listings that were active on the day the report was generated.

Number of Homes Tab
Number of Homes for Sale vs. Recently Sold Chart


The Number of Homes chart indicates how many comparable homes are on the market in the selected time slots. Total active listings are in green, new listings are in blue and sold are in red. This chart shows how many properties are active and also gives you an idea of how many sold in the different time periods.

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