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Palos Verdes house prices vary and no computer algorithm will be able to accurately provide you the value of your home. The variances inherent with Palos Verdes homes are quality of view, utility and size of land and condition. These are the three biggest factors that have an effect on the value of Palos Verdes homes. This tool works simply, just enter your code OR address in the box below. Again, you do not need a code to use this service.  It’s important to use CHECKS AND BALANCES with these computer algorithms as no computer can nuance lot size, lot utility, micro-location benefits, condition and view!  So hover your mouse over the “What’s My Home Worth” tab and use the other free INSTANT EVALUATION TOOLS!  Compare and contrast!  Do you agree or not with the values?  I have 2 other proprietary evaluators that only I can generate for you.  Email me and I will send you those free reports.  Use the “Contact” popup on the lower right of this screen

So after using the free tool above, you’re welcome to contact me and set an appointment to have me view your home. Let’s study the data, let’s figure out how these variables in relation to Palos Verdes homes now on the market and recently sold, affect how much the market will pay for your home. You can use the contact pop up screen here on this page or just pick up the phone and call me at 310.346.6467.


Palos Verdes House Prices and SmartHomeValue

Remember, the SmartHomeValue is computed using a proprietary formula. It is not an appraisal. It is a starting point in determining Palos Verdes house prices.  The SmarthHomeValue is calculated from public information and again, can not take into account the intangibles of views, lot utility and size or condition of Palos Verdes homes or any other real estate in the South Bay for that matter. Use the 30+ years experience I have serving my clients here in Palos Verdes and the South Bay. You can count on me to tell you the truth and not behave in a way that sadly too many agents fall prey to; telling a prospective home seller what they want to hear just to get the listing. When you want facts and the truth, you want me working for you.


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