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When using any home trend report, it’s important to look for clues to supply and demand.  Does the report offer changes to the number of listings that are coming to market competitive to the home that you are profiling?  How about information on sales?  Will the home trend report provide you an estimate on what your home is worth?  How about the median sale prices of homes around you?  What about expectations about the number of days to sell a home?  Certainly information on that should be available in any home trend report.  Some additional information that would be nice to see is what the trends are for dollar per square foot and a chart on the changes to inventory.  The changes to inventory is critical when pricing a home if you’re thinking about selling.  Here’s why.  No one can say exactly what you’re home will sell for.  A professional, experienced broker will be honest enough to tell you that the best that can be “divined” is a range from low to high.  Knowing the inventory volume, helps you determine whether you should try the higher range or need to go into the lower range so that you don’t languish unsold on the market for weeks on end.  A home trend report needs to address these issues.

So enjoy using my new free service “Home Trend Report” and don’t forget, there are deeper metrics available here in the proprietary Market Snapshot system

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