Healthiest Community in These United States

I was reading an article today in the US News about the healthiest community in America and immediately asked myself the question, “…hey wait a minute, what about the cities of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, most particularly, Palos Verdes Estates?…”

The article concluded, based on a series of 80 variables and after reviewing over 3,000 communities, that Falls Church, VA won the title of the healthiest community in these United States.  So what were the social and physical factors that accounted for this conclusion and does Palos Verdes Estates share any of these qualities?

Aetna Foundation used metrics “…beyond health coverage and doctors’ visits to social determinants like income, housing and public safety, aiming to determine how location and circumstances affect the overall health of Americans across the country…”

The Mayor of Falls Church said that his town is a small place that most people don’t know too much about, has a great quality of life and is a little bit like Mayberry.  That sounds like Palos Verdes Estates doesn’t it? He further stated that his town is one in which people talk to each other [ever hung around at St Honore’s in Lunada Bay or the Malaga Cove Ranch Market in Malaga Cove].

healthiest communityThe city partners with local businesses, community groups and the school system to promote wellness.  Were you aware that the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District takes a very proactive role in the health of our kids.  Follow this link to see how [healthiest community starts with the kids]

Healthy food accessibility is an important part of being one of the healthiest communities and personally, it would be great if we had a Whole Foods here on the Peninsula, but we do have a Trader Joes and Bristol Farms has grass fed organic meats.

Because of the topography of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, we may not be the most walk friendly community (unless you live in Lower Lunada Bay or near the Malaga Cove Plaza) but we have over 72 miles of beautiful trails, vast expanses of protected Land Conservancy and if you haven’t yet experienced walking these trails, you need to!  They’re amazing!  And you will find trails from easy walking to hard hills

Yes, economic demographics play a large part in the health of a community and it certainly helped Falls Church become US News’ healthiest community with 20% of the citizens making over $200,000 per year.  Enter “Palos Verdes Estates” in the table below and see how PVE shapes up.

You can go to this website and enter a zip code to see if your favorite town is ranked among the healthiest community list

I would put any of the cities of the Palos Verdes Peninsula up against Falls Church any day!

What do you think … I invite your comments

This home is an example of one of the “healthiest” neighborhoods in Palos Verdes Estates, can you see why?




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