Grammar Rules for Palos Verdes Luxury Homes

When marketing Palos Verdes luxury homes, is correct grammar important?

A recent study by Grammarly, an online resource website claiming they are “…The World’s Best Grammar Checker…”, observed that for listings priced at $1 million and up sold faster and had a better chance for selling above list price as compared to other listings. The study was conducted reviewing 106,850 listings across 52 metro areas in 2013. Whether or not Palos Verdes homes were included in this study, I don’t know; however, it is only common sense to conclude Palos Verdes luxury homes certainly fit in this category. The median price of Palos Verdes homes sold in the last 6 months was $1,330,000, and that certainly qualifies by the study’s definition of “$1 million and up”.

The article stated, “…On the flip side, listings riddled with technical errors—misspellings, incorrect homonyms, incomplete sentences, among others—log the most median days on the market before selling and have the lowest percentage of homes that sell over list price. The analysis, conducted by Redfin, a national real estate brokerage, and Grammarly, an online proofreading application, examined spelling errors and other grammatical red flags in 106,850 luxury listings in 52 metro areas in 2013…”

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My own observations of listings confirms this on a visceral basis. While pictures are the paramount factor in how many looks Palos Verdes Luxury Homes get, the marginal increase in attention achieved by a talented “word-smith” can really make the difference with buyers.

Taking a closer look at the Palos Verdes Luxury Homes market, following through from my little study quoted above in which I discovered that the median sale price over the last 6 months was $1,330,000, the top two-thirds of that group of homes sold for over $1,829,000. Let’s round that up to an even $2,000,000. What does that market look like for Palos Verdes homes?  When you read the descriptions in these listings (click any house icon and then click the details to read the agents’ descriptions of their listings), can you feel pulled more toward the listings in which the descriptions just flow better?

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