Click the image then hover your cursor over the “Areas” tab. This is a quick gateway to How to get an overview of the Palos Verdes areas

How to get an overview of the Palos Verdes areas

While this site is full of useful tips to empower both Buyer and Seller of Palos Verdes homes, this one step gets you quickly to how to get an overview of the Palos Verdes areas.

In each page that you discover here categorized by the various cities of the South Bay, you will discover tabs that allow you to understand deep demographics not just for that area’s zip code, but micro economic insight to that multiple listing service area’s demographics.  What is the average age of folks in the Lunada Bay area of Palos Verdes Estates for example and does that differ from the Malaga Cove area of Palos Verdes Estates.

No where else, I challenge you to try, will you find this type of insight.  In addition, you will find detailed keys to how the market is doing for each of the areas.  What’s an objective, in fact what’s the ONLY objective way to measure market strength and whether or not it’s a Buyer’s or Seller’s market for Palos Verdes homes?  Supply and Demand as measured by the number of months of unsold inventory.  When you’re on each of the area pages, take note of the “Market Strength” tab.  Click it and study the chart.  What’s it telling you?  Contact me through one of the blue contact buttons or if you’re on a smartphone device, use this link

I know you will agree that this one step on How to get an overview of the Palos Verdes areas will help you as a homeowner thinking of selling (you will get a better sense of your home’s competition and the strength of the market to help you price within a reasonable range) and help you as a buyer when trying to figure out how best to strategically position your offer.

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