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MarketSnapshot is a system that helps you understand the hyper-local market; not only what’s for sale and in escrow but what’s sold and what listings have failed. More importantly what the supply/demand picture is like that will affect the future market value of your home. You can watch a video here before signing up for this free service.

If you have any questions about this service, feel welcome to contact me using either the green button on the bottom left of this screen or by using my A.I bot on the lower right of your screen and asking it to contact me. Here’s the sign up link for this service

Proprietary Real Estate Charts

Knowing what the trend is for the number of relisted homes, the number of price reductions, new listing volume, sale price, and proprietary Market Action Index which tells you whether or not you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market helps you better price your home for sale.  You will avoid the danger of pricing too high which costs you wasted days on market and becoming that stale product on the shelf or pricing too low which leaves money on the table for your buyer instead of where it belongs – in YOUR pocket.

Go to this site and play the video then sign up for your report here

Crazy and wildly varied Home Value Computer Models

Have you ever experienced the margins of error in these “AVMs” (Automated Value Models).  Let’s face it, computers can’t nuance differences in view, home condition, lot utility or micro-location so if you’re really going to want to get a ballpark market value for your home without the inconvenience of showing a real estate agent through your home, then you want to protect yourself by having competing models to compare and contrast.  Checks and balances are good things!  Go here to play the video and then use this page to start

What are the top concerns and stress points Sellers report before listing their homes

Let’s face it, selling one’s home is one of the most stressful things we can embark upon.  We’re all individuals but over the years, I’ve found these concerns and stress points fall into these categories.  Before you list your home for sale, let’s talk about the antidotes to these concerns and stress points








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Meanwhile, with my compliments, download this real estate home search app https://mls-client.com/3AC6E8E8 I’ve researched dozens; so far, this is the best Contact me if you need help!

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Check out the “radar” function called “Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it

Download the HomeSnap App here.  Snap any home with your smartphone camera using the app and get market data on that home






Here’s another app that is hugely interactive and responsive on the road

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This app won “best in show” just recently where top real estate tech firms competed with their real estate apps








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