How to find Palos Verdes homes walking distance to restaurants

When shopping for your next home, have you found yourself asking how to find Palos Verdes homes walking distance to restaurants, or churches, or schools, or parks or whatever your particular Lifestyle home search criteria might be?

Did you know there’s an easy way to do that?  I’ve created this quick video to show you and invite you to play with it and have fun.  Let me know what you think by commenting below!

One of the most powerful uses of this particular type of Palos Verdes home search is the ability to search for homes based on the proximity to the places you enjoy and visit most.  We call this a “Lifestyle Home Search”.  Use the orange lifestyle button to the right of map below.  Here you can choose any of the lifestyle menu options.  The blue dots will show where your choice of lifestyle criteria exist; such as Palos Verdes schools.  If you want to add more items, you can click “add another lifestyle” for example shopping locations.  And you can add distances within which you want to live to your lifestyle choice.  The overlapping with multiple criteria will show the ideal locations within which you want your home!  You can save your search and keep on coming back to keep updated!  Did you know you can add custom locations?  You can add the address (maybe it’s your work address) of that location.  For more details on how to do that, click the “lightbulb” icon to the left of the map on the search platform below, then choose Lifestyles to play the tutorial video.

You will soon realize the robustness of this program.  It’s all about customer service and I can’t wait for you to get started using this system!

[spatialmatch_map id=81 width=100% height=900]

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