DIY Bedroom Remodel Tips

DIY Bedroom Remodel Tips for the Home Improver of Any Skill Level

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Last year, my husband and I *finally* got around to the bedroom remodel we’d been talking about doing for a while. Everything turned out great, but there were definitely some hiccups along the way.

The big thing I’d tell people to keep in mind right out of the gate is that when they’re prepping for a bedroom remodel they’ll really have two rooms to get ready–the bedroom that’s getting remodeled, of course, AND the room they’ll be staying in during the process.

I think my experience could be helpful to others who are prepping for a DIY remodel of their bedroom, so if you’re open to it, I’d love to put together an article with tips on how to make the experience go smoothly.

When you think of the word “remodel,” you likely have visions of sledgehammers, heavy machinery, and general chaos. Yes, some remodels are large in scale and require professional expertise, bedroom remodel tips but many remodels can be done by the average DIY enthusiast. A bedroom upgrade is one of these. Here’s how to make your DIY remodel go smoothly.

Give your bedding a major upgrade

No matter what style you choose, upgrading your linens, blankets, duvet, comforter, and pillows is an important part of any bedroom remodel, but what you should really focus on replacing is your mattress. A new, clean mattress can improve your sleep quality and actually boost your overall health (old mattresses harbor allergens and disease). Pro tip: for the good of the environment and/or a person in need, you definitely should recycle your mattress. There are plenty of organizations in your city that will pick up your old mattress and repurpose it in some way.

Upgrade your lighting

One thing that a DIYer of any skill level can execute is a lighting swap. Very few things improve the look of a room more than a great light fixture, so now’s the time to ditch that old, ugly ceiling fan and give your room a cool lighting option. While this project does require work with electricity, it’s minimal, and all you really have to do is cut the power at your main source (the breaker).


One of the simpler bedroom remodel tips (this link takes you to tips to sell your home including remodeling tips) … In terms of cost and relative ease of the project, there is no better bang-for-your-buck DIY improvement than a new paint job. Painting tools, equipment, and even the quality of modern paint has made it easy to paint like the pros. One major tip: wait for dry weather to paint your bedroom. Humidity will mess with the finish. Paint your bedroom any color (or combination of colors) that you want, but do know that greys, greens, and blues are typically soothing colors (and are better for promoting quality sleep).  Meanwhile an online terrific resource I’ve come across is Russell Jones and he curates a site called He put together this great article called Painting A Room With No Mess – 27 Top Tips I put myself through UCLA painting houses and even I learned something with that article!

More Bedroom Remodel Tips … Don’t forget about the closet

Your closet isn’t the most attractive element of a bedroom remodel, but it might be the most important. You can turn what’s messy, disorganized, and ugly into something stylish and helpful. Installing a sliding barn door where your boring closet door once was is one good tip. You can buy or build and then install wooden or wire shelving/organization racks. You can even leave the door off and turn it into a beautiful open display. bedroom remodel tips

Make it vibrant by adding plants

Don’t forget indoor plants in your bedroom remodel tips list …not only do they make your bedroom more vibrant, but they also help boost your mental well-being. An even more important (and often unknown) reason to fill your bedroom with houseplants is they have a myriad of health benefits. Did you know that plants can reduce carbon dioxide, reduce levels of certain pollutants, help cool your room, and filter allergens?

Here’s my last item for my Bedroom Remodel Tips…Don’t forget your best DIY tool: your smartphone

Your smartphone is the best tool in your bag for most DIY projects. Why? For one, it gives you access to thousands of free tutorials on anything from how to change a light switch to how to properly hang a heavy mirror on a wall (thanks, YouTube). But maybe more importantly, it’s the means by which you can call a professional if you get in over your head. For example, if you’re trying to knock down a wall to free up space, think about reaching for that phone instead.

Your bedroom is your inner sanctum. It’s the heart of your home. A DIY remodel is within your grasp if you’re smart and know what will make the biggest impact – both in terms of style and comfort.

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