What are the different temperature zones in Palos Verdes

Well, what can i say about today. It’s dang hot and I mean HOT. Temperature records have been breaking all week for the greater Los Angeles area and driving from my home at the top of the “Hill” to my office in Malaga Cove, I saw the temperature go, as measured by car, (there’s no way I was going to put on a helmet and ride the Harley today) go from 97 degrees to a very tolerable 81 degrees. So it got me to thinking that a lot of folks who are considering moving to the Palos Verdes homes area, what are the different temperature zones in Palos Verdes?

I found this website called “Sperling’s Best Places” and it reviews many different topics such as crime rates (we all know that the Palos Verdes areas are among the safest in These United States), Cost of Living, School Ratings and more.  And one of those “more” things is temperature.  The site rates Palos Verdes Estates’ “Sperling’s Comfort Index” as a 91 out of 100.

What are the different temperature zones in Palos VerdesAnecdotally, I my experience, having lived here in Palos Verdes since 1968 when I moved here via my parents (I was 12 years old at the time… you do the math), is that the Malaga Cove and Lunada Bay areas are the coolest areas on the Hill.  One of the things I learned in getting my Palos Verdes Specialist designation through our local Palos Verdes Board of Realtors is that there is a wind split where the Peninsula juts out to the ocean.  You’d expect that there would be heavy winds from the west to the east cutting through the Peninsula and while that is sometimes the case, that wind split actually knocks the wind velocity down.  It makes Malaga Cove pleasantly breezy and the the Palos Verdes Drive South homes market also breezy.  Do you see?  That split diverts the prevailing ocean breeze into two vectors.  It is said that the “Father of the Palos Verdes”, Frank Vanderlip, had a meteorologist study the climates on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for two years before he elected to create his estate in the upper Portuguese Bend hills.  That wind split is one reason.  By the way, if you’ve ever been down at Costco or Sam’s Club or Home Depot off between Lomita and Skypark on any give afternoon, you will experience another effect of this wind split.

What are the different temperature zones in Palos Verdes However if you like it hot, then it’s the Palos Verdes Dr East homes market that you want to live.  Temperatures here will be 10-20 degrees hotter than just about any other place on the Peninsula.  There’s very little fog if ever.  It’s been a while since I did a study on this, and I suspect if I were to do the study today, the conclusions would be about the same; there is a difference in home prices, appreciation rates and how the market reacts when there is a real estate correction.  You can get the facts right here on that.

What are the different temperature zones in Palos Verdes

So keeping my thoughts organized here, the north west and south west sections of the Palos Verdes Peninsula will be the most temperate in climate, the north side of the Peninsula will tend to be the coolest and the east side of the Peninsula the warmest.  As you climb the Hill, things get a little less defined, but generally cooler toward the west.

One of my favorite resources for weather information is Weather Underground.  I like it because, and who knew, there are many individual stations scattered across the Peninsula, dozens in fact, that gather data and you might even have one on your street and didn’t even know it!

For many of my clients who are gardeners, it’s important to know what plants grow best and Sunset magazine put together a good article on this topic which you can reference here

One last thing … I get asked all the time, “George, do you need air conditioning in Palos Verdes?”  I really don’t care where “here” is when talking about Palos Verdes homes, all I can tell you is that it get’s hot enough 20-40 days out of the year, where if you have A/C, you’re darn glad you have it.  I do!