Create Your Palos Verdes Smart Home

If you’re like me you grew up watching the Jetsons on TV back in the day. George Jetson could turn on lights, open and close the garage door, set temperature and lighting controls, start and stop music in different rooms; all remotely at a touch of a button. So what are 3 tips to create your Palos Verdes Smart Home? What’s the game plan?Create Your Palos Verdes Smart Home

Tip1: Flawless internet connection

Most important is making sure your internet connection is flawless, fast and ported wide. Ideally you don’t want any data caps; at the least buy the highest data cap you can afford. This has to top the the 3 tips to create your Palos Verdes Smart Home because without a fast and reliable internet connection you might as well get out that rotary dial phone. After all, while a single smart device isn’t going to soak up too much bandwidth, start adding in components and you’re going to slow your system down to intolerable levels.

Tip2: Which Voice Assistant will you use to create your Palos Verdes Smart Home

Before you decide what physical devices you want to have in your smart phone, assuming you’re going to want voice control, you’re going to have to decide on the voice interface to control those devices. They integrate differently so give this some thought.


Some say that Alexa offers the most integrations of any voice control assistants


Unfortunately this, at this time, has the fewest integrations, works only with other Apple products so unless you’re already heavily invested in Apple products, this would likely be your worst choice to create your Palos Verdes smart home

Create Your Palos Verdes Smart HomeAssistant

Google’s Assistant, while offering fewer integrations, is known for the best digital assistant for asking questions and you can thank the engineers at Google for making Assistant a quick learner

Tip3: Start adding your devices to create your Palos Verdes smart home

Smart Thermostats
Video doorbells
Smart Lighting

Who to talk to? One of my clients, Jack Goldberg, owns Westco Smart Homes. He’s expert, a leader in the industry and I trust him. @WestcoSmartHomes








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