Why Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

It’s been common knowledge for a few years that the Pacific Rim influence on California real estate is profound.  And in fact, there doesn’t seem to be a short term end in sight to that notwithstanding the Chinese government putting in place policy curbs to limit the impact on Chinese overseas home buying following a record 530 billion dollars of outbound investment (September 2015 – September 2016) with almost half of that sum invested in United States Real Estate.  So why Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes?

In a phrase, the reason is SECURITY, SAFETY and PEACE OF MIND.  So let’s get into it

Why Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

Why do Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

The number one reason motivating purchase decisions is neighborhood safety.  In fact, a survey conducted by my Chinese partners show that 82% of the respondents in a survey stated that a “safe neighborhood” was the most important factor in investing overseas.  Palos Verdes homes are known for this quality.  We know that living here in Palos Verdes and our little quaint area is becoming known world wide for this quality.  It doesn’t take much research to observe that Palos Verdes is one of the safest communities in all of Los Angeles, just look at this map from crimereports.com  It’s the strongest reason why Chinese buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

The second reason is construction quality.  Chinese buyers want houses that last for a lifetime, not just for a little while.  I bet you didn’t know that the average lifespan for a building in China is 30 years.  Even our most basic of “tract homes” in Palos Verdes built in the 60s are still going strong.  This is an important reason as to why Chinese buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

Number three on the list, food safety.  Yes, food safety.

Number four is the issue of property rights.  I think most of us agree that private property rights are protected here in These United States more so than anywhere else in the world.

Asset assurance comes in at number five.  China’s markets are highly cyclical and in fact house prices in China have not fared nearly as well since 2007 as they have here in Palos Verdes.  Take a look.

Why do Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

Why do Chinese Buyers buy Palos Verdes homes

The last reason are medical standards.  I’m sure I would get no argument from anyone reading this blog post that the medical facilities here in the South Bay and the Los Angeles area are second to none – UCLA Hospital, USC Hospital, Torrance Memorial, Providence Little Company of Mary are just a few.

So when it comes time for you to sell your home here in Palos Verdes, choosing a broker that knows how to tap into the Pacific Rim and Chinese Buyers market combined with strong sales and internet market skills becomes paramount to you selling your home efficiently, for the most money possible and with the least amount of stress.

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