When is it the best time to sell Palos Verdes Homes

When is it the best time to sell Palos Verdes homes? Are there any objective facts we can study to help us?

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When Is It The Best Time To Sell Palos Verdes Home?


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If you’re getting close to making the decision to sell your Palos Verdes home, then you’re certainly going to be tempted to find out, on line, without the pressure of some real estate agent breathing over your shoulder.  But when you rely on a computer algorithm to tell you what your home is worth (that sounds strange right?) then make sure you check at least 3 computer systems so you get some checks and balances.  Why?   Because a computer algorithm can not nuance VIEW – MICRO LOCATION – CONDITION – or LOT UTILITY very well at all.

It’s why some studies have shown that algorithms can be off by as much as 40%!  Here’s a list of tools on my website:

SmartValue when is it the best time to sell palos verdes homes

Corefact (the only interactive system YOU control) Play the video on this site

HomeValueMetrics (you will be amazed as to how much more information you will get over real estate agents and thereby giving you power) Play the video on this site


MarketSnapshot (less of a home value algorithm, more of a market knowledge power base to help you out negotiate buyers)  Play the video here



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hi everybody this is george fotion of call realty best palos verdes homes and thought i would just play around with some stats today and here is something that i found pretty interesting i keep track of a lot of information and one of the pieces of data that i do keep track of are the number of closed sales and the number of failed listings expired and cancelled listings in palos verdes estates and i’ve been doing that since the early 90s so this is a chart of that success to failure ratio right here and when you look at it it doesn’t tell us much except when you add a trend line and let’s put in a 6 month moving average and see what that tells us and it actually tells us quite a bit so lets look at these peaks here could this give us an idea as to when in the year, in any given year it would be a good time to sell well that looks like about september there’s a peak august september another peak july what’s this one wow december that’s interesting what’s this one back to july so we had 3 july august september one december back to july here right august uhhh what’s this big peak that looks to be about august july and here in the spring so i think that’s pretty interesting you know i mean closings in july august september means you went into escrow late spring it’s now february getting to be march if you’re thinking about selling palos verdes homes this might be a real good time to start getting a little bit more serious about it and plan to put your home on the market so you get it positioned to sell in late spring it takes about 30 to 60 days of unsold inventory right now maybe around 90 days for higher priced properties so this is a good time to really getting to it let me know if you have any questions happy to answer them for you thanks for tuning in to learn about when is it the best time to sell palos verdes homes

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