Aristotle and Real Estate, wow where did THAT come from?!

How did you like that “catchy” subject line?  It really does apply in so many different aspects of our lives, no more so than with a couple of separate free services I offer on my website. 

  • Navigate to
  • hover your mouse over the “What’s My Home Worth” tool
  • Click on the “CoreFact” utility. Enter your unique and private Access Code as shown in this picture.  If you don’t have an access code, (it would have been in a postcard I mailed to you recently) just send me an email and I will regenerate your access code for you.

As you see in the video below, you have the option to use the sliding scale to change market metrics and the condition of your home relative to other homes. 

But, how is the market really doing?  Is there any OBJECTIVE measure for this?  Or do you really have to just ask some real estate agent what they think – how objective is that really? 

It turns out that I’ve invested resources (time and money) as part of my customer service, to provide you an objective measure as to how the market is doing.  Navigate to this site  Altos is an independent real estate research firm with proprietary algorithms to measure the market.  Quoting from their website “Altos Research has also developed a proprietary index, The Market Action Index™ that gives you an at-a-glance answer to the question, “How’s the market?” The higher the Index goes, the hotter the market. Like a thermometer, the measurable scales goes from zero to over 100. We set a threshold at an index value at 30 above which demand is high enough to call a “Seller’s Market” and below which is a “Buyer’s Market.”

While the “…parts…” (Market Action Index and the CoreFact Pricing Tool) are each in of themselves, valuable resources for you, together they can help you better understand your home’s place in the market.  These are invaluable tools if you’re thinking of selling and even if you’re not, fun to use in order to satisfy a bit of curiosity. 

So, if you’d like to benefit from Aristotle’s teachings, just send me an email and ask for your personal unique CoreFact access code and register to receive your own proprietary Altos Research reports


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