Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment? Play Video Here…

One of the more frequent questions I’m getting from my over 10,000 followers on Social Media is “…Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment?…”

The quick answer is, YES, they are. What I did here was study the following zip codes

  • 90266 – Manhattan Beach homes
  • 90254 – Hermosa Beach homes
  • 90278 – Redondo Beach homes
  • 90277 – Redondo Beach homes
  • 90274 – Rolling Hills Estates homes, Palos Verdes Estates homes, Rolling Hills homes, Palos Verdes Peninsula homes (unincorporated area)
  • 90275 – Rancho Palos Verdes homes
  • 90503 – West Torrance homes
  • 90505 – South Torrance homes

Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment? Play Video Here…

I then used a service I’ve bought to map out these properties. Play this video in which I demonstrate how to use this specialized may to answer the question “Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment” Below the video is a bonus feature that you should take advantage of but right before those two bonuses, is a link to the latest video on supply/demand patterns which ARE affecting future home prices in these areas. But first, the video… you will see, after you click to play the video, you will see a yellow tab in the upper right of the video. Click that to get to the interactive map I’m demonstrating


What are the supply demand patterns for these areas


I want to make sure you’re using at least one of these two utilities; it’s important because …

  • they are cutting edge in each of their categories and
  • they will help you be a smarter, more informed buyer, seller or owner of real estate.
  • The second one’s importance is not so much the “value” component (let’s be honest, how accurate can a computer algorithm really be when nuancing “view”, “condition”, “micro-location” and/or “lot utility” variables), …
  • rather the importance in the results of the “big data” tech that informs you how many REAL buyers are actually searching NOW for a home matching your home’s characteristics! No other broker can do this for you and pay PLENTY to bring this service to my clients!
Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment How many REAL buyers are conducting searches for homes matching your home’s characteristics?Are properties selling in this COVID-19 environment