9 Paint Colors Trending for Homes in 2019

I read an article on Houzz today that was about 9 paint colors trending for homes in 2019.  None of the colors were really that bright at all and I’d have to say that they were more earthy tones than anything else, that is if I had to group them all in one category

Jennifer Ott, the author of the article, nailed it when she wrote “…In fact, I have to say that these are the moodiest colors I’ve ever seen chosen for Color of the Year…”

Let me summarize her article, but you can read it in full by clicking here

Paint Colors Trending for Homes

Personally for me, I like more of a “Beachy” feel like what you find in this incredibly renovated home I’m marketing at 1421 Via Davalos in Palos Verdes Estates and therefore I prefer the Garden Patch, Metropolitan or the Peacock Blue.

How about you, which paint color would you choose for which rooms or exterior of your home?

Meanwhile, here are some real estate tools you can use…

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