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Palos Verdes Short Sales & Palos Verdes Preforeclosures for sale now

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South Bay area Short Sales & Preforeclosures for sale now

South Bay area Bank Owned Homes for sale now

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      • What is “Shadow Inventory”?  This group of property includes real estate owned by banks, ie homes that banks took back after no one bought at the auction, but are homes that are not yet listed for sale. 
      • Why is there shadow inventory?  It could be for a number of different reasons including but not limited to, banks’ investors’ in-house decisions, tax reasons, legal hang ups, properties not yet in condition to market and/or other strategic reasons. 
      • How can you find “shadow inventory”? Easy, just send me an email and include your name and cell number along with your search criteria.  I will send you a free report listing those homes that match your criteria.  If you want continued reports, there is a catch.  I’m not a charity – I work for a living 🙂  You would have to agree to buy and or sell your next transaction through me.  It’s that simple. Click here to start

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