8 Tips for a Luxurious and Cozy Living Room

It goes without saying that your home’s living room is perhaps the single most important area within your household; therefore here are 8 tips to create a luxurious and cozy living room.  First, it’s a place where you spend some quality time with your family. Second, it’s a recharge room that usually houses the bulk of your home’s entertainment system. Lastly, it’s an area where you greet your guests and visitors, thus making it into a sort of an audience room. With all of these functions in mind, it’s clear that the impression that you should go for when designing the room, is a strange, yet natural, the combination of luxury and coziness. Here are eight tips to help you do so.

8 Tips for a Luxurious and Cozy Living Room

Crown Molding

The first thing you can do in order to introduce some luxury to your living room is to do some crown molding around the place. Needless to say, this is the most frugal way of making the room substantially more expensive-looking. In the past, crown molding served an important purpose in closing the gaps where different building materials came together. Nowadays, nonetheless, the purpose is strictly decorative. It still reinforces the structure, nonetheless, thus benefiting your structure as a whole. The type of material most commonly used is plaster but, if you really want to go for something extravagant, you can always go for timber.

Separate the place into areas

luxurious and cozy living room One of the most interesting notions that you could consider is separating the place into distinct areas. Start by envisioning your living room as an open floor apartment and try to figure out which of the areas you can optimize into room-like zones. For instance, a corner by the window can become a reading nook, while the hard-to-reach area may serve as a great display platform for your collection. Naturally, either a TV screen or a fireplace will serve as the room’s focal point, which is why the most functional area of the room (the seating and coffee table) needs to be oriented towards it.

The third idea is to create a luxurious and cozy living room is to introduce rugs

luxurious and cozy living room Among the simplest ways to add some elegance to your living room, adding a rug definitely contributes. First of all, for anyone who has children, this creates another viable sitting/playing area that’s far more entertaining than the couch or sofa. Apart from this, adding a rug increases the room temperature by one or two degrees and makes the floor objectively warmer. This way, the effect of coziness is enhanced. By going for natural materials like wool, you can make the place look even more luxurious. Lastly, if you do follow up on our last advice and decide to separate the place in areas, you can use rugs to further add to the visual delineation between the areas in question.

Adding some cushions to the mix

The simplest way to create a luxurious and cozy living room  is to add some cushions to your seating options. Now, the size and shape of these cushions depend on your own taste, as well as on the rest of your home’s layout. When it comes to the material, however, this is what will decide just how expensive-looking and luxurious the place appears. For instance, those who want to make their room more high-end might want to consider ordering some velvet cushions for their living room seating.

Introduce layer lighting

There is more to the sensation of coziness than you can feel through tactile means. While soft and natural materials do a great job of portraying the room as soft and cozy, you can do so much with the use of proper lighting. For instance, by opting for layer lighting you can easily manipulate the level of illumination that the room receives, thus creating a more intimate vibe within the place. Other than this, layer lighting is highly customizable and completely unique, which is bound to set you apart from the majority of your competitors.

Accent painting is an easy way to create a luxurious and cozy living room

luxurious and cozy living room Previously, we’ve discussed the impact of crown molding on the place as a whole. Well, one other thing you could do with the place is to paint the accent wall, thus gaining maximum impact by investing minimum time, effort and resources to achieve it. What you need to do is pick a single wall within the room (preferably the one behind the focal point) and paint it in the colour of your own choosing. Seeing as how this particular wall receives the most attention (because of the focal point) the rest of the room will be perceived this way, as well.

Manipulate the size of the place

The size of the place is also quite important when it comes to the coziness of the room itself. Naturally, a smaller room usually looks cozier but what do you do when the room is abnormally large. Fortunately, by going for horizontal stripes in the room design pattern, high furniture and low-hanging pendant lights, you can easily make the place seem somewhat smaller. These are a couple of many tricks that can help you get what you need.

Abandon minimalism

While it is true that minimalism can make the place luxurious-looking, it seldom appears cozy or cozy enough. Instead, the words that people most commonly use to describe it are cold, efficient and simple, all of which seem completely opposite from cozy. You see, by virtually overcrowding the room with various furniture pieces and elements, you’ll have an easier job at making it feel cozy. So, maximalism might be just the thing for your living room. Keep in mind that what is minimal doesn’t depend just on the number of items in question. It also depends on the size of the room in question.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that to create a luxurious and cozy living room is that all of these ideas are somewhat subjective. Sure, which colors are considered warm and which materials are described as cozy is somewhat objective, however, these are merely guidelines and not general rules. You still have the full freedom to decorate the place in whatever way you see fit.
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