What are the 7 top things home sellers forget to do that costs them money

Let’s face it, getting your home ready to sell is a daunting task. Often, the things you’ve neglected to attend to pile up in one big mountain of tasks; the pressure can be debilitating. So to help you I’ve written this quick guide to the top things sellers forget to do, and if you forget, it could cost you a lot of money top things home sellers forget

In all that tornado of activity, it’s easy to forget some things that are important, so much so that not doing them could cost you a lot of money on your sale price

1) Have you ever googled your home’s address. Look, over 90% of buyers found the home they bought online, shouldn’t you study what online home value sites are saying about your home. Is the estimated home value even close to what you think it should be? Is the information presented on square footage and other statistics of your home accurate?

2) Maybe you’ve owned your Palos Verdes home for a while. Chances are you’ve made a lot of improvements. Spend some time and write down, take a day or two if need be, what you’ve done. Include problems that had to be fixed and how you fixed them and disclose disclose disclose

3) How are you picking the right Palos Verdes real estate agent to handle the marketing and sale of your home? Do you know how to objectively caclulate their “effectiveness rating”. While not the only factor, that effectiveness rating should be a strong consideration. We may all use the same tools, for example the Multiple Listing Service, but think about it this way, if you put an artists paint brush in the hands of a child and that same exact paint brush in the hands of Michelangelo do you think you might get different results? An agent’s effectiveness is paramount.

4) These days, social media marketing is critical. Is your home being exposed on Instragram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter? How is it being exposed their. Are the posts engaging? How is your agent able to capture buyer leads from these posts or are the posts merely, “hey look at this” type of post. You’re hiring the agent to be an expert salesperson, if they can’t capture buyer lead interest, they can’t sell.

5) Here’s a really stupidly simple thing home sellers forget about all the time – their doorbell is broken. Hey, I said, stupidly simple, but it’s amazing how this failure affects a bad first impression of the home. If the doorbell doesn’t even work, what else is broken in this house is what buyers think

6) Clean everything – closets, fridge, drawers, dishwasher, around the water heater and furnace, air filter for your furnace, ovens, stove tops. Make them all “Mary Poppins” clean

7) This one bus me all the time. Seller’s forget to take down that heirloom chandelier and the house is shown, the buyer offers and after the close, they notice that chandelier they thought was included (no one told them otherwise) is missing and its place is a cheap Home Depot special. Protect yourself as a seller and be clear about what is not included. Better yet, remove it from the house before the home goes on market and marketing pictures are taken so you don’t create liability for yourself

There are other factors that are important in selling your house and I’d enjoy discussing these with you. Use the contact button on the bottom left of this screen to easily reach me and book an appointment. Use the comment section to write what you think should have been included in this list.


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Click picture (from your mobile device) to get one of the best if not THE best app I’ve found to search for homes. Check out the “radar” function called “Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it






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