5 Design Trends for the 2018 Palos Verdes Housing Market

With every new year comes new changes to the housing market and 2018 is no exception. Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, homebuyer or otherwise interested in housing trends, staying up to date with shifts in home design is important.  So here are 5 Design Trends for the 2018 Palos Verdes Housing Market

Here are the top 5 trends that will be popular in the Palos Verdes housing industry this year.

Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space for Entertainment

Entertaining outdoors is possible for the majority of the year which explains why many Palos Verdes homes have beautiful, expansive decks. Decks add considerable value to a home and are nearly considered an essential structure. Where things are evolving in 2018 is the materials used for these outdoor spaces. Wood decks are a classic option, but one with a few drawbacks. Instead products like modified wood are becoming more popular. Modified wood decks are visually stunning, incredibly smooth, and they require very little maintenance. These decks can handle the summer sun and won’t absorb heat, meaning it is quite comfortable to walk on barefoot. This resilience of this product will even allow you to use it as pool decking.

Freshen Up Aged Kitchens with New Tile

Kitchens often are the heart of the home and subject to plenty of wear-and-tear. Tile is a beautiful, traditional choice for this room, but dingy tile quickly makes an otherwise attractive kitchen look old. Replacing tile not only helps improve the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, but it also increases the value of the home. One great tip for giving a kitchen a facelift is to install new tile backsplash. You can find tile backsplash in a number of colors and patterns to match any kitchen. This is a fairly simple but effective way of updating the kitchen without a serious renovation being needed.

Select Furniture with Sustainability In Mind

A trend throughout the housing marketing and home design industry that will continue to gain momentum in 2018 is sustainable design. Concerns about the environment and the urge for reducing energy costs are important to many homeowners and homebuyers. When it comes to furniture companies many manufacturers are seeing high demand for “green” furniture and appliances. There is also a shift towards handmade furniture from woodworkers, which eliminates concerns over wood source and any potential chemical treatments. An Amish living room furniture in a Mission style will fit in perfectly in essentially any home.

Give Homes a Finishing Touch with Unique Wall Art

Wall art can really make or break a home’s interior. A lack of wall art is a surefire way of making a house feel impersonal and unfinished while wall art that clashes with the home’s style ends up looking mismatched. Traditional framed images can look outdated, are heavy and cumbersome to move, and tend to end up with glares on the glass from nearby windows. The perfect alternative are canvas prints. Canvas prints look chic, stylish, and their neutral appearance matches any interior style. Custom prints are very affordable and can be sized as small or as large as you need.

Transform Flat Walls with Weathered Wood Paneling

If you’re dealing with an ugly wall or a room that lacks depth, a very enticing fix is to use weathered wood paneling. Wood has a certain nature that can make any home feel more inviting or even add some drama to an otherwise plain room. Using reclaimed wood wall panels is a win-win for two reasons. It achieves that lovely weathered “barnwood” look that is so highly sought after and the use of reclaimed wood means you aren’t contributing to new wood needing to be harvested. A reclaimed wood wall is particularly attractive as a master bedroom backdrop or as a statement wall in the living room.

With the new year in full swing be sure to keep an eye out for these 5 design trends and how they will positively impact the Palos Verdes housing market.


Author Bio:

Matt Lee is a writer/blogger for topics in the building material and home design industry. He has written for many publications and is always looking for the newest trends and building designs.