I’ve found after asking hundreds of folks who have visited my Palos Verdes homes for sale websites, that what they’re interested in most, are two things and two things only … “What’s my home worth?” and “How do I search the listings of Palos Verdes homes for sale?”. Everything else generally falls under those two categories. So, I’ve created this one page to address both of those issues.  I’ve created these Real Estate Power Tools to help answer these questions

Now it won’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve actually got a BUNCH of tools here to help with those questions. Let it never be said that I over promise and under deliver!

Real Estate Power Tools #1  This real estate app was created because search platforms like zillow or realtor.com or redfin or trulia or ANY of the platforms like that secretly record your search patterns and your private contact information. What do they do with that?  They sell it to multiple real estate agents and multiple advertisers on their platform. Ever wonder why you’re seeing an increase in the number of spam phone calls and emails? Hmmmm… Maybe you should use this search platform that will NEVER sell your information to anyone at any time and you can use this to search just about anywhere in California*

Highly Responsive and Robust Searchreal estate power tools

Real Estate Power Tools #2

Available only with Call Realty Best Palos Verdes Homes

How many real buyers are searching for a home matching yours?

real estate power tools


Real Estate Power Tools #3

Market Snapshotpalos verdes real estate trends

Real Estate Power Tools #4

The ONLY interactive home value tool that gives YOU control

More real estate apps

Real Estate Power Tools #5

Have you ever wanted to search specific to a particular school (not school district, but actual specific school) or easily find open houses?

Real Estate Apps #6

How’s the market – Fact based Supply/Demand Trends

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the benefits of this real estate app




*Coverage map for the first of the five Real Estate Power Tools

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