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I’ve found after asking hundreds of folks who have visited my Palos Verdes homes for sale websites, that what they’re interested in most, are two things and two things only …

“What’s my home worth” and “How do I search the listings of Palos Verdes homes for sale”. Everything else generally falls under those two categories. So, I’ve created this one page to address both of those issues.

Now it won’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve actually got a BUNCH of tools here to help with those questions. Let it never be said that I over promise and under deliver!


Highly Responsive and Robust Searchreal estate power tools



Market Snapshotpalos verdes real estate trends



The ONLY interactive home value tool that gives YOU control



Have you ever wanted to search specific to a particular school (not school district, but actual specific school) or easily find open houses?



Super quick and easy home price estimate tool



4 Top Statistics Every Seller and Buyer Must Have

top 4 statistics every buyer and seller needs








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Meanwhile, with my compliments, download this real estate home search app I’ve researched dozens; so far, this is the best Contact me if you need help!

Click picture below (from your mobile device) to get a really good app I’ve found to search for homes.
Check out the “radar” function called “Spot” on lower right part of the app’s screen once you’ve installed it
Download the HomeSnap App here.  Snap any home with your smartphone camera using the app and get market data on that home



Here’s another app that is hugely interactive and responsive on the road

Click the image above or right here
This app won “best in show” just recently where top real estate tech firms competed with their real estate apps




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