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Makes you a more Powerful Real Estate Owner, Buyer and/or Investor of Palos Verdes homes or any other South Bay real estate

A Market Snapshot is a real-time MLS Palos Verdes homes market update and trend analysis overview. It provides the most current sold data, active listings, inventory, and days on market counts – information that is unavailable on any other similar website. This information is sent automatically to you: when you request information on the value of your property, Market Snapshot emails you a one-click link to the Market Snapshot. At the bottom of this article you will find the link to order your own personalized report. 

In addition, this Palos Verdes Homes Market Data system, gives you up-to-the-minute MLS graphical information.  Now here’s the REALLY VALUABLE BENEFIT FOR YOU … these reports will be customized and tailored to YOUR specific needs.  If you’re a buyer looking for a home in a particular micro location (maybe all of Palos Verdes Estates, or you’re looking only for Lunada Bay homes), with a particular price range with at least x many bedrooms and at least x amount of lot size and/or living area size etc, then I will tailor these reports to just that type of property.  This is critical because not only will you be getting the trends for this classification of property, but REAL TIME updates with the new listings, sales and price changes.  Within minutes of an agent making a change on the MLS (new listing, price change or sale) you will know about it.  So now that you are understanding the market better than nearly any agent out there, you will be properly prepared to position your offer.  And here’s a bonus.  What if you knew how many buyers were interested in your home?  Do you think that might help you sell your home faster and for more money?  You bet it would.  Play this video


What if you’re a seller or just a homeowner wanting to keep your finger on the pulse of the market.  The Market Snapshot I will prepare for you will be tailored to include homes competitive to yours.  No longer will there be that guessing game as to where in the price range you should list your home for maximum impact for buyer attraction while still capturing every possible dollar from the market!  Using these tools along with the proprietary charts I have (sign up here), keeps you on the cutting edge of the Palos Verdes housing market intel.  

And what’s marvelous is that this Palos Verdes Homes Market Data system (and of course it applies for all South Bay and Beach Cities property) is completely mobile available to access on your smartphone or tablet as the video shows here.

You can position yourself as the most knowledgeable real estate owner or buyer and someone who may even know more than most agents and who can interpret local market trends.

Comparing Market Snapshot to Other Services for Palos Verdes homes

Other market-evaluation services provide generalized evaluations of average Palos Verdes homes. This is only one of the many pieces of information you need to make good decisions. Market Snapshot improves on this by including additional key information, such as:

  • graphical analysis of important market trends
  • volume comparisons of recent sales and new listings
  • percentage comparisons of asking price to selling price for recent sales, and
  • average, median, and high/low prices for homes that have recently sold or that are currently for sale

The information contained in every Palos Verdes homes Market Snapshot is organized into sections, making it easy to understand. For more information, please continue reading.

Main Components of a Market Snapshot
Once a Market Snapshot has been generated for you, an email will be sent with a link to the Market Snapshot. Below is a sample of a Market Snapshot. We can use this to review the main components of a Market Snapshot. (Video below on how to use)
Palos Verdes Homes Market Data

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