Hello Teske Family:

  1. What you will see here is first the results from 6 different online home pricing tools.  Since Buyers all go to one or more of these, you benefit by seeing what they see before they see it!
  2. Next will be a video for you to play which demonstrates my conclusions as I study the competitive sales
  3. Then will be the link you can go to which is the same site from which the video was made – the competitive and comparable homes pertinent to establishing market value for your home
  4. My final conclusions and a spreadsheet showing your estimated net proceeds
  5. List of references and endorsements

While the link is displayed in the video, here it is again

Based on this information, it is my professional opinion that Buyers in today’s market place will pay no less than $2,350,000 and no more than $2,450,000 for the subject property.  Given the fact that at this time, there is 354 days of inventory left unsold on the market today, up 37% from this time last year, in Palos Verdes Estates (scroll down in this link to see the table if you’re interested), overpricing the home is perilous to your interests.  Were this my home, I’d price my home in the lower part of the range to maximize chances of building demand sufficient to garner multiple offers.  One has a better chance, for example, in getting 2.4mm by listing at 2.375mm than listing at 2.425mm

In the following spreadsheet, I overestimate closing costs so as to provide worst case scenarios.  In fact in many cases, the actual cost may be zero.




I look forward to sitting down with you to go over any questions.  Additionally, if you have questions over the California required disclosures, I can review those with you at the time we meet.

Here is the link to my references and endorsements